Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bahrami to be recognized with 2006 Drotman award

HOSSEIN Bahrami, MD, MPH, will be honored with the Jay S. Drotman Memorial Award at the 134th APHA Annual Meeting.

Bahrami, a graduate of the School of Medicine in Tehran, Iran, is a PhD candidate in epidemiology and a MHS candidate in biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. In nominating Bahrami for the Drotman award, APHA member Ian B. Berger, DrPH, MD, cited his "outstanding commitment to public health, preventive medicine, and in particular, preventive ophthalmology."

Bahrami, who has completed a medical internship and earned an MPH from Johns Hopkins, has authored 33 published papers in highly respected professional journals including the American Journal of Epidemiology, American Journal of Gastroenterology and Investigative Ophthalmology. He has authored or co-authored three public health books in Farsi and produced numerous oral and poster sessions illustrating his interests in research. Bahrami's recent oral presentation at the 2005 APHA Annual Meeting, "Glaucoma: Transition to a New Paradigm," focused on the complexities of the disease and public health concerns with early recognition and treatment.

Bahrami's research interests include cardiovascular disease, heart failure, metabolic syndrome, preventive ophthalmology, hepatitis, glaucoma and clinical and genetic epidemiology. Among his professional experience, Bahrami has worked as a member of the Sport Medicine Committee of the Medical Confederation of Sports Organizations in Tehran, a member of the Tuberculosis Research Team at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences Student Research Center and as a clinician in private practice in Tehran. He is a member of the Science Advisory Board in Arlington, Va., and the Johns Hopkins University Peer Editing Service as well as coordinator of research projects for the Digestive Disease Research Center at Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Among his volunteer appointments, Bahrami serves on the APHA Governing Council, is a student member of the APHA Science Board and is a member of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health's Academic Affairs Committee, Elections Committee and Awards Committee.

Source: Nation's Health